Yoga Staff

Linzie Hartmann, CYT – Yoga Instructor

Linzie was a co-founder of The Hart Wellness Center in 2009. She is a graduate of Moksha Yoga Center in Chicago and was part of a 200-hour certification program, designed by Daren Friesen, a nationally recognized yoga instructor. Her philosophy of yoga involves pushing your body to its limit while listening to the feedback it is giving you. She teaches in a way that gives you a better understanding and appreciation between the mind, body and soul. She was first drawn to yoga because of its physical practice: strengthening, balancing and stretching. It didn't take long until she found a deeper meaning to her yoga practice. Everything that it has done for her physically, it has done for her mentally and emotionally. It has made her stronger, created more balance in her emotions and more flexibility in her life. It has transformed her life to something more positive and meaningful and grateful for everyone who is a part of it. What she loves about teaching yoga the most is being able to share her positive energy and love with others. Yoga is "progress not perfection."
Connect with Linzie Hartmann @ – linzie@hartwellnesscenter.com

Brenda Temme, CYT – Yoga Instructor

Brenda is thrilled to be teaching yoga and to have the opportunity to pass on the joy and freedom that she found in her own practice. Brenda's teachings draw from the intention that breath-synchronized movement becomes an expression of what makes you feel alive inside and out. She will encourage you to discover a new edge both physically and mentally by moving your body in effort to free your mind and most importantly to have fun. Brenda has been influenced and inspired by many incredible teachers including, Shiva Rea, Janet Stone, Max Strom, Seane Corn, Anna Forrest, Andrey Lappa, Kim Schwartz and Tias Little. She received her first certification from the Temple of Kriya Yoga in Chicago by attending their 200 hour teacher training program. Brenda also studied with master teacher Jonny Kest, director and owner of Center for Yoga in West Bloomfield, Michigan and has completed an extra 200 hour Ashtanga/Vinyasa teacher training. She continues to gain insight from her students, and learns daily lessons about love, light, and devotion from her boyfriend, Ron.

Samantha Thegze, RYT - Yoga Instructor

Samantha is excited to help guide her students to finding inner peace and calmness as well as expanding their knowledge on what yoga has to offer as not only exercise, but as a lifestyle! Samantha recently completed her 200 hour teacher training at YOUnique Yoga in Schererville, Indiana. Samantha began practicing yoga about three years ago. She went in thinking it was simply going to be a nice shake-up in her regular work-out routine, however; she walked out realizing this practice was going to have a big impact, not only on her fitness routine, but on her life as a whole. Yoga has brought a great deal of peace and inner happiness into her life and learns more about herself each time she comes to the mat. She has always been into health and wellness, but becoming a regular practitioner of yoga has enhanced that part of her life even more.

Gia Moran, CYT – Yoga Instructor

Yoga has allowed Gia to begin a new path that has led her to be internally happy and forever grateful. Her appreciation for yoga has lit a spark within her to spiritually energize and emotionally enlighten her students. She believes that being present, truly present, opens up the pathway to internal peace. Gia received her 200hr certification from LifePower Yoga in Ashtanga-Vinyasa, and has experience in a wide variety of yoga practices. Gia has a young, vibrant soul that will help lead others on a path in which they too can find serenity and happiness.

Stephanie Rumbuc, CYT - Yoga Instructor

Stephanie has taught a variety of classes over the years, but her favorite class to teach is Hot Vinyasa. She's so glad to be teaching here at The Hart Wellness Center. While a large portion of class time is dedicated to Vinyasa flow, classes are an eclectic mix of core work, yin, arm balances, inversions, and relaxation. Poses are chosen to support the theme of the class. Her teaching style focuses on the idea that yoga is for EVERYONE, so she makes it about fun, encouragement and compassion. She loves people and wants everyone who comes into her class to feel that love. She wants students to leave feeling better than when they came. The bonus is that she gets to watch students gain strength and feel empowered in their practice! What to expect in class: sweaty-happy-good music-good mood-yoga.

Anna Ames

Anna has a calming presence that brings peaceful and tranquil energy to her students. Anna will guide you into meditation with her personally and unique drafted guided meditations. Anna’s background is in therapeutics; ranging from massage therapy , energy work, meditation and yoga. Anna is a graduate of The Soma Institute of Clinical Massage Therapy in Chicago and has been a therapist for over a decade. She's an intuitive; Reiki attuned and certified ThetaHealer®. She's been teaching meditation for years, hosting workshops and classes on her creativity and intuition.

Marie Rzab, RYT - Yoga Instructor

Marie started her journey as a physiotherapist in France. During this time, she discovered Chinese medicine and became a shiatsu therapist. She understood that the healing process requires a fluidity in the energy channels and in the mind, that can re-connect body and mind. So along with the manual therapy she was already performing, she was wanting to discover more about Chinese medicine. She began plantar reflexology, Tai Chi Chuan Chen with a Chinese master in Paris and became certified to teach Tai Chi Chuan. Upon arrival in the US, she had the opportunity to try yoga and immediately fell in love with this philosophy and science that she believes to be most beautiful and complete. The one that brings the student to be his own healer thanks the discipline that it requires. In this way, liberating his own energy and mind. After getting certified in a 200 hour teaching program, she studied Ashtanga, with Manju Pattabi Jois and Alexia Bauer. She found freedom in the challenge of the poses, discipline in its practice and beauty and calm with the chanting and pranayama. The codification of the sequences in Ashtanga that is cleverly built, brings the student to a higher level of liberation in body and mind.

Eve Tomlianovich, CYT – Yoga Instructor

Eve has a nurturing and welcoming presence that creates a safe judgment free environment for her students. Eve will guide you through a challenging class that will give you an opportunity to grow, with plenty of modifications and hands on adjustments.  Eve has a background in clinical massage therapy, focusing on treating specific conditions, Reflexology, acupressure, and cupping therapy. She graduated from The Soma Institute of Clinical Massage Therapy in Chicago over a decade ago and honored to be among the first group of students to received their Yoga Teacher Training and Certification at Hart Yoga.  Eve began her journey with yoga over 10 years ago after learning she had 3 herniated disc in her lumber spine. Wanting a surgery free salutation she turned to yoga and connected to not only it's restorative benefits but the meditation and calming effects as well. Eve believes that everyone can benefit from yoga and looks forward to teaching both new and experienced students.

Valerie Paluszak, PT, CYT – Yoga Instructor

Valerie is a physical therapist with over 25 years experience in orthopedics and pelvic health. She began practicing yoga over 10 years ago for the physical benefits, but soon began to experience the emotional and spiritual aspects of the practice. Valerie recognized the need for yoga in her therapy patients' lives and decided to teach it herself. She received her 200-hour yoga teacher certification from The Hart Wellness Center. Valerie's yoga practice has been influenced by Brenda Temme and Jason Crandell. She brings her expertise in wellness and injury prevention to her classes as she guides her students trough their own transformation journey, one breath at a time.

Kirsten Mitchell, Ph.D., CYT – Yoga Instructor

Kirsten has practiced yoga for seven years and came to her mat for the first time after a running injury. She became quickly hooked on the vinyasa flow style of yoga and went on to complete her teacher training right here at Hart Wellness, where she trained under Linzie Hartmann, Brenda Temme, Marie Rzab and Anna Ames. Kirsten enjoys teaching a dynamic style of Vinyasa Flow that allows students to move to upbeat music with sequences that appeal to the new and well-seasoned yogi. With a background in psychology, she has a deep commitment to the physical practice, but also the to the mind-body connection. With strength, energy and humor, she will guide you in your practice to yourself.

Jennifer Kloos, CYT – Yoga Instructor

Jennifer is a momma of four beautiful babies that reveal an infinite and growing love deep within that's never been explored. Yoga has filled her life with a similar love. Before yoga, Jennifer was passionately devoted to furthering her physical limits in running. She completed many ultra-marathons that left her feeling very accomplished, but not fulfilled. A very challenging injury guided her into a hot yoga class. There was an immediate connection to the muscular energy the class embodied, but as she practiced the organic energy brought the true balance to her life and self love finally began to surface. Jennifer knew at that moment that she wanted to share this discovery with everyone. She grew her practice and went into yoga sculpt teacher training at Yoga By Degrees, 200h teacher training at Chicago School of Yoga, 2 week intensive Ashtanga training and Yoga to transform trauma. Jennifer's deep love for bringing hope to those in a constant state of suffering is every reason in my heart to explore yoga's truth behind healing.

Alex Stec, CYT – Yoga Instructor

Alex have been practicing Yoga for about seven years now. Her journey started as just another way to work out, but quickly developed into a passion! Yoga allowed her to grow by using her creative energy and creating a safe place where she could come and just be however she was feeling that day. Alex strives to create this experience within each of her classes and loves sharing her creative energy within her sequencing! She recently completed her 200hr LifePower YTT with the fabulous Benda Temme, and is so excited to begin this new journey and share her strong belief that Yoga truly has the power to make the world a better place!

Laurie Myers, PTA, LMT, CYT – Yoga Instructor

Laurie completed her 200 hour lifepower YTT program at Lifetime fitness studying Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Yin practices under the guidance of Brenda Temme. Laurie has had a passion for yoga for many years recognizing all the benefits that yoga can bring to oneself, from strength to length, a sense of calmness and clarity of mind, body and spirit. Laurie feels that yoga is a lifestyle that can encompass every aspect of our lives, it’s a state of mind, a practice of breath, movement and stillness which creates a wonderful balance that can help us live life in the present moment. Laurie brings a great deal of knowledge of anatomy, physiology and the movement of the human body as a licensed physical therapist assistant (PTA) studying at Morton Community College in Cicero Il. and licensed massage therapist (LMT) studying at SOHMAR In Downers Grove Il. Laurie enjoys hanging out with her family and 2 dogs, hiking, kayaking and being in nature. Laurie is owner of Tree of Life Therapeutic Bodywork in Mokena where she specializes in the John Barnes approach to myofascial release implementing therapeutic techniques to restore posture, improve mobility, decrease and or abolish pain by bringing the Mind~Body~Spirit back into balance so that her clients can live a pain free active lifestyle.

Olga Perez, CYT – Yoga Instructor

Olga started practicing yoga at about thirteen years ago after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder. Before her yoga career started, she had lived several years in a bad relationship with food and noticed she was feeling real sick and weak. She knew she needed to start the process of changing her unhealthy habits into healthy choices. She found yoga and meditation and realized that her new lifestyle changes improved her quality of life. At this moment, she decided to share the benefits about healthy eating and yoga lifestyle in all the 8 limbs. Olga obtained her 200 Hours in Hatha, continuing education in prenatal and 30 more hours in Bhakti Yoga. She is a certified Health coach by IIN (Institute for Integrative Nutrition) and is certified as a fitness Instructor and has her PiYo certification. She believes in small changes every day will give you a big fix in the future.