The Hart Wellness Center is in practice to help the human population arrive at their own health and wellness destination using a combination of Eastern and Western medical principals. We deliver the most thorough patient education and academic guidance, perform the best manual therapy techniques, and supply the patients with at home instructions and exercises to create the optimal healing environment.

Our patients choose The Hart Wellness Center for their complementary healthcare needs because of the purpose, vision and inspiration that we deliver. What this means is that we empower our patients through communication and education to make healthcare decisions and use self-treatment strategies. The real benefit of this relationship is our patients are left with a feeling of confidence knowing that they have the ability to create longevity and timeless functionality throughout their lives

I have been going to Dr Hartmann for several months and have gotten wonderful relief from my chronic back and neck pain. He really listens to my concerns week to week and tailors the treatment for what ails me. I don't love the dry needling, but it has also worked wonders on stubborn pain. The whole staff is really friendly. The people going to yoga seem so supportive of each other. Just an all around great experience.

Jennifer H Homewood

My first visit to a Chiropractor, The Wellness Clinic was a referral from coworkers! I seen Dr. Alex for my new onset of back pain. He was very kind and patient, working in the health care field for over 20yrs. I had many questions and concerns. I actually had some pain relief from the first session. I didn't anticipate that, I thought consultation first visit! Stretching & Exercise for my back pain are helping! So happy with my decision to see a Chiropractor Dr. and my insurance covers it!

Janet C Steger, IL

Just the other day, I went in for Acupuncture, an adjustment from Dr. H, and a deep-tissue massage...the whole process was simple and enjoyable! My body felt reset and ready to do some more gardening!

Rachel J. Crestwood, IL

Great doctor with an abundance of knowledge! I ran the Chicago Marathon this year for the first time and sustained a couple of overuse injuries during training (Go figure!). His treatment was fantastic and I was able to run without a problem. Couldn't have done it without him!!! I would highly recommend him.

Dr. Hartman is very attentive, thorough, and works with you to troubleshoot your pain using various modalities. He has treated and cured my nagging back pain of nearly 4 years in only 2 visits. He is also great with my teenage son whom he is treating for runners knee. Thanks to Dr Hartman, it looks like my son will have a successful cross country season after all. So relieved to have found such a wonderful doctor!

I can't say enough positive about this office. Even the atmosphere in the waiting room is pleasant. And this is not your standard chiropractor. He takes the time to fully explore your situation with you and thoroughly explain every aspect of your care. It's been years since my back felt this good. Make your appointment, you will be so glad you did.