What We Do

We begin by learning as much as we can about our patients through a complete history and examination

We then find ways that our patients can self-treat and self-manage their individual condition

We conclude by performing the most effective and most efficient manual therapy methods to fix our patients as fast as humanly possible



We Fix 95% of Patients in Less Than 6 Visits


Combined 30 Years of Clinical Experience.


1,000+ Happy Patients and Clients.

We are a chiropractic clinic that fixes patients fast and gets them moving and back to their activity as soon as possible.


    We strive to learn as much as we can about our patients and teach our patients as much as we can about themselves. True healing occurs when an educated patient completely understands the root cause of their condition. We will give self-treatment strategies for at-home management to accelerate positive outcomes. We use soft-tissue manipulation and movement therapeutics to fix your problem in only a few visits.

    Welcome Statement
  • Our Mission

    The Hart Wellness Center is in practice to help the human population arrive at their own health and wellness destination using a combination of Eastern and Western medical principals. We deliver the most thorough patient education and academic guidance, perform the best manual therapy techniques, and supply the patients with at home instructions and exercises to create the optimal healing environment.

    Our Mission

    Our patients choose The Hart Wellness Center for their complementary healthcare needs because of the purpose, vision and inspiration that we deliver. What this means is that we empower our patients through communication and education to make healthcare decisions and use self-treatment strategies. The real benefit of this relationship is our patients are left with a feeling of confidence knowing that they have the ability to create longevity and timeless functionality throughout their lives.


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