The Hart Wellness Center is a combination of Eastern and Western medical philosophy in efforts to treat the entire individual. The practice specializes in the physical dysfunction to the human system. Proficiency in manual medicine, creative approaches to difficult cases and scientific and evidence-based practice is what makes The Hart Wellness Center a unique place. Patient education is a key component of health care and is ever so important at The Hart Wellness Center. In today’s Western society, this is an aspect of patient care that too commonly ignored. Because it can not be written in better terms, this is an excerpt from The Human Effect in Medicine (Dixon and Sweeney 2000).

“Indeed our potential to alter the patient’s perception of his/her disease may indirectly have far more beneficial consequences than any more direct therapeutic attempts to alter the course of disease. There is an increasing concentration in modern general practice on information, but information can do nothing if it does not affect the attitude, motivation and emotions of the patient. All of us witnessed, first hand, the effects of an inspirational teacher, but their effects were not created by black and white information, but by energy, enthusiasm, and wisdom, which they used to produce their message. It is not the message the clinician gives that matters, but that which the patient receives.”