Are You Experiencing Lower Back Pain?

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What Is Causing My Low Back Pain?

Your low back is comprised of muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons, nerves, discs, and more. Which structure is causing your pain?

Your low back is very much reliant on its surrounding muscles and ligaments for support.  If any of the joints, ligaments, muscles, or discs do not act properly it causes instability and/or pain.  The best way for the chiropractors at The Hart Wellness Center to determine what is causing your low back pain is by your body language discription.

Understanding a patient's body language, and how they were injured, are two crucial pieces to better help determine which structure is the most affected.  Once the proper structure is identified, we utilize specific treatments for each individual structure to heal you as fast as humanly possible.

Are Tight Muscles Causing My Back Pain?

Muscle tightness is one of the greatest culprits of low back pain.

The body language of someone who is struggling with low back pain primarily caused by muscles is taking your fingers/hand and running it up and down one or both sides of your low back.  Patients often describe pain caused by muscles as tight, dull, and achy.
Muscle injuries typically occur with overuse, heavy lifting, or even 'sleeping wrong'.  To fix any type of muscular problem in your low back, functional dry needling and Cox Flexion Distraction are utilized. 

Is Joint Stiffness Causing My Low Back Pain?

How we move our bodies is a determining factor in how well our joints move.

Joint stiffness arises due to lack of motion. or lack of varying motoins. If we only bend our low back in one direction day after day, year after year, then our joints become 'stuck' when we try to move in any other direction.

A patient's body language in describing joint pain is typically using a single finger and pointing to a single spot. A chirorpractic adjustment followed by specific corrective exercises is the best way to rid your body of joint stiffness. 

Is A Disc Bulge Causing My Low Back Pain?

Disc bulges are very commonly seen in patients, but is it truly the source of pain?

Disc Herniations typically occur with excessive forward bending and compression of the low back.

The body language for a disc hernation is typically described as a band going straight across the back and can, often times, have pain going down the back of the leg(s).  The Mckenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Cox Flexion Distraction are the best tools to reduce pain from disc injuries.  The Mckenzie Method is used to counteract the forward bending while Cox Flexion Distraction's purpose is to neutralize the compression. 


Recovering From Lower Back Pain

What do I do when I have the pain and how do I prevent it from coming back?

When you are in a bout of excruciating back pain, the best move is to eliminate gravity from the picture.  This can be done by laying face down on the ground or propped up on your elbows.  Time and patience are required during this stage.  Your body is excellent at healing itself, so give it some time and let your body do the work

To prevent low back pain from coming back, strengthen your core and low back while increasing flexibility.  Low back injuries occur due to lack of stability (strength) or mobility (flexibility).  If you know which category you fall into, work at strengthening the muscles or moving your low back more frequently. 

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