Our Story

The Hart Wellness Center is a combination of Eastern and Western medical philosophy in an effort to treat the entire individual. The practice specializes in the physical dysfunction of the human system.

Proficiency in manual medicine, creative approaches to difficult cases and scientific and evidence-based practice are what make The Hart Wellness Center a unique place.

Our Patients Always Come First

Patient education is a key component of health care and is ever so important at The Hart Wellness Center.

We strive to learn as much as we can about your condition so that we can teach you about it.  All we are concerned with is your current physical ailments and how we are going to work together to rid you of them.

Meet Our Team

We begin by learning as much as we can about our patients through a complete history and examination. We then find ways that our patients can self-treat and self-manage their individual conditions. We conclude by performing the most effective and most efficient manual therapy methods to fix our patients as fast as humanly possible.

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