Are You Dealing With Mid Back Pain?

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Understanding The Anatomy Of Mid Back Pain

Your Mid-Back Is Formed By A Set Of 24 Bones That Are Stacked On Top Of Each Other With A Soft "Disc" Between Each Segment To Allow For Flexibility.

In a normal and healthy back, each joint in your spine should move freely and independently.

For a visual aid, it might be helpful to imagine a normal spine functioning like a big spring moving freely in every direction. If your spine has a joint restriction it is similar to having a section of that spring welded together. The spring may still move as a whole, but a portion of it is no longer functioning. 

What Causes Joint Restrictions?

Joint Restrictions Occur Primarily Because Of Poor Posture And Repetitive Movements.

You are what you repeatedly do.  If you work a desk job and sit 8 hours a day, your midback joints and muscles adapt to that position. The more you are in that position, the more irritation it causes on your back. 

If you are a blue collar worker whose job is repetitive bending and lifting, your mid-back is undergoing the same stresses continuously throughout the day.  If we do not counteract poor posture or repetitive movements it can lead to chronic pain. 

If your midback hurts while you are sitting, check your posture and deterimne if you are sitting properly.  If your mid-back hurts while doing physical activity, think about if you do anything to couneract the movements you are doing. 

When Should I Visit A Chiropractor For Mid-Back Pain?

If You Have Pain That Affects Your Work, Family Time, Or Physical Activity A Physician Should Be Seen.

We are NOT meant to be in pain consistently.  If you have pain that alters any part of your daily routine or has any sort of emotional impact on you, a physician should be seen.  Our goal at The Hart Wellness Center is to fix you as fast as humanly possible so that you can return to your normal lifestyle. 

Our goal is for patients to come in when they are having minor discomfort that they have been unable to relieve themselves.  We want to get rid of the pain ASAP so that it does not turn into chronic pain that affects your life. 

How Do We Treat Mid-Back Pain?

Our Treatment Depends On How You Present In The Clinic.

Chiropractic care has been proven to be both the safest and most effective treatment for joint restrictions. Chiropractic adjustments allow he joints to once again move properly after being 'stuck'.  Dry needling is used to reset any type of muscle tightness in the area.  Soft tissue methods are used to better 'unwrinkle' connective tissue and muscle tissue.  Proper posture and specific repetitive movements are utilzied to make sure the joints do not become stuck an the muscles do not tighten up. 

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