Pain affects the body. Pain affects the mind. Pain affects the soul. The soul can choose not to be affected. The mind and body will let you know. The soul searches for interior tranquility to soothe. The body finds postures, positions, movements or activities to ease mechanical pain. The mind tries to make rational sense out of the situation. What about chronic pain from a brain-down perspective? Did you know that your psycho-social-emotional being can manifest physical symptoms in your body? The body does not judge, it just perceives. It is your feedback mechanism that you are not living according to your highest values. The quality of your life is based upon the quality of your questions. Ask yourself questions when you perceive pain in your body. What action can I take to find a resolution to my symptoms? Can I stop worrying about this problem and let it go? Will this problem even matter in one year or five years? Can I change my perspective to rid myself of unhappiness and pain? Your problem is either mechanical or it is not. We will fix mechanical problems very quickly using McKenzie Method #MDT Functional Dry Needling #FDN and Fascial Distortion Model #FDM. Problems in the mind and soul are a little more difficult, but will be addressed using World of Hurt #WOH pain science. It’s about first classifying your condition and then pulling that precise tool at the perfect time for the correct purpose.