At the start of every New Year, the hopes and dreams of goals, resolutions and habits fill the social media feeds and the programmed stories of our minds. The majority of people that I have encountered innately desire something new of themselves and their life at the beginning of the calendar year.  This is a program that has been part of our ancestry since the moment we documented the patterns of the sun, moon and stars. Now days it is not only our thoughts that have the desires, but the desires of every other person in our life that is expressed subconsciously on us through social media, the mass media machine and the marketing of commercials and advertisements. It is hypnotized into us from the beginning and why YOU need to change to be HAPPY!
The demand of this change has its foundation from our judgement of our self.  We are attached to our projected image, our need for others to see us a certain way, our need for us to be approved externally. That is why the fitness industry banks their budgets on the annual binge of new memberships and busy traffic in sports clubs through the month of January.  They know that everyone will purchase a membership and show up for a short time…then not. Why? Because most people aren’t making the change at the right level.
What if I told you that real lasting change actually beings with emotional integration-intelligence and not emotional rejection? More and more research and information is being produced that is showing how weight gain, mental illness, physical pain and so much more has its root in the emotions. Simple fact: the majority of humans have not learned how to harness the raw power of our emotions.
The fashion, cosmetic, fitness and food industry build their marketing on our emotions.  They know how to harness our desires to something outside of ourselves to bring us this happiness. You don’t have to deal with your pain, just workout and that will do it.  Just eat this food…wear these clothes…use this makeup and lotion…you will feel better but It never lasts.
The start of the year is the perfect time of year to program yourself at the deepest of levels that will create lasting change.  That is to harness the power of our emotions to be the catalyst of the true transformation. We have disconnected ourselves from our natural rhythms of reflection,  introspection, self analysis, and deeper wisdom by distracting ourselves with the digitalization of the modern human life. We have lost touch with the healing capacity of nature, prolonged reflection of time, conversations without time restrictions, and dinners that do not have boundaries of time .
I often ask my clients and my classes, “Do you want to THINK alive? or FEEL alive?”  I recently asked this to a group of 15-18 year old hockey players and they all nodded…”FEEL ALIVE”!  Children know it.  Adults know it. Our life is overwhelmed by too much THINKING and not enough FEELING. In order to be a master of our life we need to understand the textures of our emotions. Every person experiences every emotion.  It is expressed very differently based on your values. However, every emotion will be expressed and felt.  Using our mind to control our emotions is a great tool for short term results.  If you use it long term, it suppresses, represses and depresses our emotions.  It is not sustainable. The course that I will be teaching will look at the TWO primary parts of the body that create the most immediate and lasting change in brain chemistry and “Thinking”: the Diaphragm and the Heart.
The first class will utilize breathing techniques to shift long standing, unconscious breathing patterns that keep us stuck in subconscious patters in our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies. We will utilize journaling to unearth subconscious attachments that are at the root of our pain.  Then we will access the quickest way I know to get “unstuck” in any part of your life through a breathing technique. By the end of the first class there will be calm and peace of integration in your self.  We all need to let go of control to allow ourselves to access a new level.
In the second class we will put the attention on our Heart.  We don’t “feel” with our mind, we “feel” with our Heart. This class will utilize the most recent research on the intelligence of the Heart. Using multiple processes, we can transform negative emotions to positive emotions through this powerful organ/gland.  The mind is a powerful tool, but the heart is what connects us together with all living things. The electromagnetic field that is projected from the heart significantly dwarfs the brain. To create change with yourself, your family, your work, your community, your life…you need to harness the power of your heart where you FEEL your emotions.
The most authentic and powerful humans I know harness the power of their heart and direct it with their mindset and strategic thoughts. Emotional Detox is about allowing these raw emotions to surface, integrate and embrace rather than staying dormant, repressed and toxic. Let’s allow our emotions to be the wind and our thoughts be the sail.  Come embrace your emotions for lasting change.
About the author: Pierre DeBar is an Educator and Holistic Practitioner. He is the Founder of Surge Integrated, an Energy Medicine Clinic. On February 9th and February 11th he will be leading an Emotional Detox workshop at The Hart Wellness Center in Flossmoor.