Do you have muscle tightness from excessive sitting or being overworked?  Does it feel like you have knots in your neck muscles? If that is the case, then we have a solution for you. One of the most effective ways to resolve your neck tightness is through chiropractic care!

Why Are My Muscles Tight?

  You are what you repeatedly do.  If you cook food all day you can be classified as a chef (kind of). Your body is no exception. If your neck is constantly in the same position doing the same thing day in and day out then that may be why your muscles are tight. If you sit at a computer for work all day, for example, your head is primarily in two positions: chin jutted out and looking down. 40 hours a week for months or years of this can cause significant muscle tightness. If you work a blue collar job, odds are you do man repetitive tasks every day.  Same concept as a desk worker: your neck is in the same position doing the same movements everyday. 

  These are the most common causes of neck tightness, but this tightness can also be from an acute injury. A car accident, being hit during a sport, or even sleeping in the wrong position can be a culprit of neck pain.  In some type of accident or sports injury, a quick jolt to the neck can cause an overstretching of the muscle and will cause this muscle to go into overprotective mode. In the case of sleeping: your neck can be in an abnormal position for 6-8 hours a night causing the muscle to be overly stretched or overly shortened. 

How Can THWC Help You?

  Chiropractic adjustments, dry needling, soft tissue work, and corrective exercise is the most effective way to reduce neck tightness. Chiropractic adjustments ‘reset’ joint dysfunction and add a quick stretch to the muscles involved. Dry needling, the most effective therapy utilized at THWC for muscular dysfunction, gives a complete ‘reset’ to your muscle by inserting a pin acupuncture needle directly into the tight muscle. Soft tissue work is used to ‘unwrinkle’ the wrinkled tissue in the area. Finally, 1-2 specific corrective exercises are given for patients to keep everything moving properly. If you suffer from chronic or new onset neck tightness don’t turn to Advil or ibuprofen to solve your problems. They may decrease the pain level you are experiencing, but they only mask the pain and don’t get to the underlying cause of the problem. Is neck tightness affecting yourself or someone you know?  Have them stop in to THWC so we can restore function and get you back to pain free living!



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