Starting April 26th, we will have a licensed massage therapist available for services. Eve will work closely with Dr. Hartmann to ensure patients get the best of care while addressing various issues, both in the joints and soft tissues. She will be available on Monday and Wednesday evenings between the hours of 2-7pm. She will be performing quick soft tissue techniques, half-hour localized work, and even 1-1.5 hour long relaxation/soft tissue work using a variety of techniques including deep tissue, hot stone, reflexology, acupressure and chakra balancing massage. Massages can be specialized to the patient’s needs and that would be something that you can address with Eve at the time of the service. Because the massages will be taking place in a clinical setting, we have the ability to use your health insurance for reimbursement if you are an established patient of THWC. Cash prices are also available.

Eve Tomlianovich, L.C.M.T.

“I was born and raised in Monroe, LA. I moved to Chicago in 1986 where I met and married my husband of 17 years. We eventually settled in Tinley Park with our three children. I attended The Soma Institute: School of Clinical Massage Therapy located in Chicago and graduated with presidents honors. I have worked in private practice, hospital, and spa setttings over the past 4 years. I have provided massage for everything from chronic conditions to stress-related issues. Along with my clinical training, I am certified in Hot Stone, Reflexology, Chakra balancing massage, and acupressure massage. I feel these services are a great natural approach to bring harmony to mind, body, and spirit. I am excited to be joining the Hart Wellness center and look forward to meeting you all.”


Patricia Daidone brings over 30 years of experience in all types of spa services to THWC including but not limited to…facials, waxing, nails and make-up. Patricia can be contacted at 815.272.5277 for more information. She is available for all services on Tuesdays and Thursdays.