Dr. Derek J. Hartmann from The Hart Wellness Center was newly certified in the McKenzie Method and The McKenzie Diagnosis and Therapy to treat mechanical problems in the spine and extremities.

The McKenzie Method® of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy® is an active patient treatment philosophy that emphasizes prevention and intervention, and encourages patients to be in control of their own treatment.

It is a logical, cost-effective process that evaluates the patient’s problem quickly. The assessment process is always effective because a McKenzie practitioner will identify both responders and non-responders.

Since most spinal pain is believed to be mechanical in nature, most responders will show patterns of response to pain and function, and then be classified accordingly. This classification is unique to the McKenzie Method and provides a benefit to the patient and practitioner by eliminating the need for expensive and/or invasive procedures, because patients will be treated based on their individual spinal syndrome.