I recently came across a pain cycle diagram as it relates childbirth.  I began thinking that this is closely related to pain diagrams that I would typically encounter during a patient visit.  Let me do some explaining…
Pain – Fear – Tension – Pain
An individual develops pain.  The fear of not knowing what is going wrong brings on more pain.  Then tension increases because your brain and your body want to protect the painful area.  This only leads to more pain and the cycle continues.
Pain – Knowledge – Tension – Relaxation – Pain
Patient presents in pain.  During the patient encounter, we learn more about the patient’s pain and where it is coming from.  I personally learn as much as I can about the pain and then teach the patient as much as I can about the pain and where it is coming from.  This tends to ease the tension, puts the patient in a more relaxed state and thereby easing the pain.  Knowledge is the key component to breaking this cycle and without it, you are doomed to stay circling in the pain cycle.
Pain is not normal.  Pain is your body’s way of telling you there is something wrong.  If we can find the pain generator and apply the correct treatment and education to that pain generator, then we should have relief of the pain and resumption of normal everyday activities.
If pain is taking over your life or someone else that is close to you, please do not hesitate to call THWC at 708.799.7807.  Adding knowledge to the situation can add a lot of piece of mind and ease the chronic pain cycle before it begins.