We are thrilled to host another day of creative exploration on and off the mat with Sherie Sloane, Founder of Painted Yoga. An artist and yoga teacher, Sherie has blended the beauty of all worlds into this truly unique experience where the mat is your canvas and the asanas are your paintbrush.

Painted Yoga was created to inspire creativity and encourage others to express and rediscover themselves through art and the practice of yoga. In both art and yoga, there is complete freedom to just “be”. No right or wrong; everything is just a mere practice, an exploration. There is an absolute connection of mind, body and awareness. The marks left on the canvas are as unique as the one who makes it. In the end, each student will have a beautiful piece of art they will have created by simply letting their breath and inner spirit guide their movements across the canvas.

If there was ever a moment where the practice of yoga and letting go were ever more true, it’s here; it’s Painted Yoga. Join us for a day where we let the wide open of hope take us to new places with new faces.