If you have never visited a chiropractic office before or had an unpleasant experience at another location, we will bring you through a step by step breakdown of what a visit to The Hart Wellness Center looks like.

When you enter THWC as a new patient you will be greeted with a smile and 3 short pages of paper work given to you by our front office staff. After the paperwork is completed expect a very short wait period for the doctor to review the documents so that he has a better understanding of what ailment the patient is currently dealing with. After this brief wait, the physician will take you back into an examination room where the patient will be able to talk in extensive detail about their current condition.

The doctor will discuss thoroughly with the patient everything about the current condition until he feels that he has verbally received a sufficient amount of information. Next, the doctor will discuss the patients past medical history and any diseases, previous surgeries, or hospitalizations.

After this thorough history is taken, the doctor will move on to a physical exam. The physical exam will vary from person to person depending on the affected area. Regardless of the area, the doctor will put the patient’s body in different positions and utilize different orthopedic examinations to help better determine what structure(s) is causing the pain.

After a detailed physical exam is completed, the doctor will discuss with the patient what his findings are, what is causing the pain, and what his working diagnosis is.  After this discussion and educating the patient on the ailment, the doctor will proceed with treatment.  Depending on the individual, the treatment will consist of rehabilitation exercises, soft tissue work, chiropractic adjustments, and/or dry needling. All patient care plans are individualized and focus on the patient’s specific condition.

We finish each visit with a brief summary of the patients health goals along with the exercise(s) that they will take home with them. The first appointment will take no more than one hour and will specifically target what the patient needs. Our goal is to fix patients as fast as possible and see them until they feel they are where they want to be with their health goals. Once we reach this point we recommend patients come in on a monthly basis to keep them healthy.