Hormones play a tremendous role in the way your body stores and utilizes fat for energy.  HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), is a hormone that your body produces during pregnancy.  This hormone helps the body to ensure that the developing fetus is getting all the nutrients that it needs to grow and develop normally.  It targets fat in the mother’s body to provide the fetus with the energy regardless of the nutrition that the mother ingests.  You can think of it as a method of survival.  Have you ever wondered why a pregnant woman can throw up so much and the growing fetus still gets the nutrition it needs?  DURING PREGNANCY IS THE ONLY TIME HCG IS FOUND IN THE BODY!  So how does it work?  When you are not pregnant and ingest synthetic HCG, your body starts to rip the fat you have stored and it starts to be metabolized at an extremely high rate.  This results in extremely fast and furious weight loss.  When you start messing with hormones, you are messing with nature and that NEVER ends well.  There is no alternative for long-term maintenance of a healthy weight through any supplementation.  Weight loss products and fad diets are short-term and will not produce benefits in the long run.  The only way to truly maintain a healthy weight is through proper nutrition and physical activity.  The ratio is always 90% what you put in your mouth and 10% activity levels.  Remember you can never out-exercise your poor nutritional choices.  The Hart Wellness Center can coach you to your next health and wellness destination through proper lifestyle modifications, nutrition and physical activity.


The Hart Wellness Center is in the process of entering into a distribution program through the absolute BEST sleep performance mattresses in the industry.  This will allow patients to experience the true Tempur-Pedic product without ever going to the furniture/mattress store.  There is a line of mattress ONLY available through healthcare professionals and will be at THWC.  This product is called the Pro-Healthcore Bed and its technology is specially designed to support the three major zones of the body.  If you are in the market for a new mattress, sleeping on one that you know is way too old or if you wake up with aches and pains, it is time to think about your sleep system.  You order through The Hart Wellness Center and Tempur-Pedic ships the product directly to your home.  Keep an eye out for upcoming details of the program or simply call THWC for more information.


“Simple is hard to do. But when you get there, it’s so liberating. It means taking away things to arrive at just the right elements. I have a chaotic brain, but here I feel calm and organized. It’s a relief.”


If you haven’t seen Linzie recently or “heard it through the grapevine”, the Hartmann family is expecting in mid-September.  Therefore, we will be temporarily discontinuing the 6pm yoga class on Wednesday evenings.  In the meantime, Linzie will continue to hold her yoga rehab sessions and will be able to conduct private lessons in either ½ hour or 1 hour increments.  Please call for more details and pricing.