Monday 6pm

Monday 7:15pm

Vinyasa – fast-paced style linking pose to pose with little interruption. Best for active, high-intensity workouts and includes strengthening, endurance training, balance work, flexibility while you continue to find your inner peace. This is a big fun workout that purifies the body and mind.

Wednesday 6pm

Hatha flow – take time for each pose to allow for alignment and focus to be brought to each breath. Goals of this sequence are flexibility, balance, and strength. Hatha flow is slow-paced while still flowing from one pose to another. Great for new students to yoga and for stress reduction.

Wednesday 7:15pm

Restorative yoga – This class is gentle and for all ages. We will also focus on flexibility and strength of the mind and body. Restorative yoga will decrease your stress and help find your inner self through your practice. – time to slow down and reconnect with the mind and breath.